Bene Coffee Group

What exactly is that?

The Bene Group consists of very nice people meeting for coffee at a café in the city center once a week for a chat. They meet, have a cuppa joe together and might even eat a delicious waffle while they’re at it.

When is this?

The Bene Group meets every Wednesday from about 11am

Where can I find it?

As the name implies, the Bene Coffee Group gets together at Caffe Bene (咖啡陪你 Kāfēi Péinǐ), next to the north entrance of the Liaoning Industrial Exhibition Hall. The nearest metro station is 工业展览馆 (Gōngyè Zhǎnlǎnguǎn), on line 2.

Coffee Bene entrance in Shenyang China

Who is this for?

Bene is a genius ‘resource’ for newcomers to Shenyang, as it is filled with kind people who have amazing tips, tricks and support for anyone who has just arrived. It is also ideal for those who want to regularly meet up with a lovely bunch of people to share the joys and woes of living in Liaoning’s capital.

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