Jam Night @Black Sheep

What exactly is that?

Once a month, Black Sheep turns into a stage for Shenyang talent: anyone who wants to share what they or their band has been working on. With styles as diverse as experimental rock to acoustic solo acts or even bands covering classic tunes, there is something for most musical tastes. This event focuses on people coming together to jam and play for the love of playing. It is all about being spontaneous and experiencing the magic of creating something beautiful by grooving together with friends. All performers receive a free drink, so if you are a little shy, you can at least drown your stage fright in a pint – afterwards.

When is this?

Each third Sunday of the month is reserved for Jam Night, starting around 9 and lasting until the creative juices run out.

Where can I find it?

Jam Night is at Black Sheep (黑(hēi)羊(yáng)西(xī)餐(cān)厅(tīng)), a Western restaurant popular with many foreigners in Shenyang. The address is 南(nán)三(sān)经(jīng)街(jiē)22号(hào) (22, Sanjing South Street), with the nearest metro station being 南(nán)市(shì)场(chǎng), Nan Shichang, metro line 1.

Black Sheep restaurant and bar entrance in Shenyang China

Who is this for?

Whether you want to let it rip on stage or just play groupie to the performers, if you like handcrafted tunes, this one’s for you.

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