MMA classes for kids and adults

What exactly is that?

Shenyang now has a real, successful, mixed martial arts (MMA) gym – Shenyang MMA. There, students of all ages can learn a range of martial arts, from Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and boxing to Muay Thai. Not only can you acquire fighting techniques, training with the professional coaches and alongside other motivated students will boost your self-confidence and make you fit, strong, and healthy to boot. The gym gets you ready to compete in all kinds of combat sports, but if a fun way to exercise is more your style, Shenyang MMA is also a great choice!

When is this?

There are classes every single day, both in the afternoon and evening, and for children and adults. But see for yourselves:

MMA schedule

Where can I find it?

The Shenyang MMA gym is located in an office building in Hunnan District, in office number 409, tower A, Futang Building, 1, Hunnan 4th Road (浑(hún)南(nán)新(xīn)区(qū)浑(hún)南(nán)四(sì)路(lù)一(yí)号(hào)富(fù)腾(té)A座(zuò)409). The closest metro station is Aoti Zhongxin (奥(ào)体(tǐ)中(zhōng)心(xīn)), metro line 2.

MMA entrance in Shenyang China

Who is this for?

MMA Shenyang is the place to go if you want an energetic and original way to get fit and learn to defend yourself at the same time.

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