Jazz @1905

What exactly is that?

1905 re-creative space offers changing jazz concerts with performers mostly from Europe, with a heavy emphasis on French artists. Many of the groups and solo musicians bring you music quite far from traditional jazz and are much more experimental than anything else you get to hear in Shenyang. This event is organized by the amazing Emily, who is the genius behind 1905. If you have never been to 1905, go take a look – jazz lover or not!

When is this?

The jazz concerts are on changing dates once a month in the evening, starting at 19:05. To find out dates, it is best to follow 1905 on WeChat, as they will announce the concerts there. The announcements are in Chinese only, but the pictures will usually tell you which kind of event is promoted. When in doubt, send me a WeChat message through the account or an email (julie@journeysnjaunts.com) and I can confirm or find out more for you.

Where can I find it?

1905 Re-Creative Space (铁(tiě)西(xī)1905文(wén)化(huà)创(chuāng)意(yì)园(yuán)) is on 兴(xìng)华(huá)北(běi)街(jiē)8号(hào) (8, Xinghua North Street), near the metro station 云(yún)峰(fēng)北(běi)街(jiē), Yunfeng Beijie, metro line 1.

1905 entrance in Shenyang China

Who is this for?

This series of events is best for Jazz lovers and all those who are open-minded when it comes to music styles.

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