ARTISTS! Submit your work!

August 27th, 2018, will see a popUP Art + Literature Night, well, “pop up” at Lenore’s Café 1. This recurrent event in different locations features artists of all kinds with the aim of displaying their work to the public and show the diversity of the Shenyang art scene.

All you (budding) artists out there, THIS is your chance! If you have always wanted to exhibit the fruit of your labor and maybe even sell a piece or two, this event is perfect for you.

By submitting up to five pieces of your own artwork that can be displayed, be it poetry, literature, photographs, paintings, sewing/textiles, drawings, prints, sculptures, collages, ceramics or others, you earn a place in the SHENYANG Art Zine. The entry fee (to cover the cost of printing the art zine and displaying the pieces) is 30RMB per artist, the deadline for submissions is August 20th, 2018. So make sure your poems are printed and mounted, your canvasses dry and framed and anything else you need to prepare ready to go on that date. If you would like to submit your creations, contact Olivia Adams (WeChat handle: oliviaadams) for more information on drop-off and other particulars.

In addition to getting your art out there for all and sundry to see and published in the SHENYANG Art Zine, this event will also enable you to find customers willing to purchase your pieces. Selling your artwork is welcomed and encouraged at the popUP Art + Literature Night.

So, don’t miss out on this terrific opportunity!

Oh, you want to know where the event will take place on the 27th of August? The popUP Art + Literature Night will be at Lenore’s Café 1, at number 63, Jiuwei Lu.

Lenore's cafe entrance in Shenyang China

For those of you who see themselves as more of an “art consumer” rather than an “art producer,” make sure to save the date so you can attend the next popUP Art + Literature Night and thus support Shenyang’s art scene.

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