English Corner @Milk & Cookies

What exactly is that?

This English Corner is a weekly get-together for people to practice their English. The Chinese attendees are eager to make connections and form friendships with foreigners and will be pleased to be able to share their culture – and at the same time are always full of questions about the countries and cultures of attending non-locals. There is no “class fee”, but you will be asked to purchase something from the coffee shop.

When is this?

The English Corner takes place every Saturday evening between 6 and 8pm.

Where can I find it?

It’s at Milk & Cookies 焙利家咖啡 (Bèilìjiā Kāfēi), a lovely café just south of the Liaoning Exhibition Hall (nearest metro station: 工业展览馆 (Gōngyè Zhǎnlǎnguǎn), on line 2).

Milk and cookies cafe entrance in Shenyang China

Who is this for?

The English Corner is awesome for anyone trying to make local friends and/or wanting to improve their English. Don’t be scared if your level of English is low – listening always comes first!

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