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Walking in the Mountains | Tiannvshan

We have written about the mountains (part 1 and part 2) close to Shenyang where you can escape from the city to get some fresh air. I have personally been to some of the places and just want to share my experience with you.

Tiannv Mountain, commonly known as 歪砬子 (Wāi lázi in pinyin, can be literally translated to crooked peaks, not at all romantic, I know) is the remnant of Changbai Mountain. It is said that Tiannv Mountain is surrounded with sea of clouds most time of the year, which matches its other name, 天女山 in Chinese (Tiānnǚ shān in pinyin), translated to “heaven‘s lady’s mountain”, adds up the mysterious ambiance of the place. Every year from the end of May till the beginning of July, the Tiannv Magnolia blooming makes this mountain even more attractive.

Tiannv Mountains in Liaoning province

Tiannv Mountain is located in Fushun County in Fushun City, around 2 hours’ drive from Shenyang. The major peak is 780 meters above sea level, and the whole scenic area covers 1380 acres of land. The park has high forest density and fresh air, a great place for relaxing and photography lovers.

Tiannv Mountain in Liaoning Province
I’m not a qualified photographer obviously

There are different routes to access to the park – the front gate where the main ticket office locates (the south gate), or the back entrance where you will drive through the 18 curves of the mountain and see the statue of THE “heaven’s lady”. Back there, apparently is also a route where you can hike to other spots, but we went on driving and ended up at the front gate.

The main gate of Tiannv Mountain park

On the way up to the top, it was quiet and refreshing, the wooden stairs merged into the surroundings. As the walkway is surrounded with trees and plants, you wouldn’t feel unpleasant winds while walking. And look what I found

Tiannv Mountain's habitat

Of course, you will not only see the nature but also the caves where the monks used to stay for meditation, though some of the English was a bit confusing at the beginning…

Chinglish signs in the park of Tiannv Mountain

Then it was the first “challenge”, the tapering way carved in between two huge pieces of stones where you need slide your body through.

A challenging path in Tiannv Mountain park

Keep walking, you will reach the point where there is a side rode, either way will take you to the top. The road on the right is more challenging comparing with the other (according to the signs, I only tried the right one), but if you are on the trip together with kids and elder people, it is suggested by the park to go for the left one.

Two ways to reach the top in Tiannv Mountain park

After this point, the view gets extremely amazing, though there was no sea of clouds, you still got to see spectacular view.

The view from the top of Tiannv Mountain

On the top, you have different options to go downwards – same way you went up or another route on the east side. I chose a different one and it turns out to be more natural and interesting.

The way back to the main gate

Tiannv Mountain

Difficulty ♦♦

Distance from Shenyang ♦♦

Scenery ♦♦♦♦

Tickets Price

  • 50 RMB/person
  • 25 RMB/person

( Half price for adults older than 60 years old & kids under 18 years old / Free entrance for kids under 1.3 meters

As you know, my pictures don’t do justice of this great place, you should go by yourself and experience it on you own. If you need arrangement of transportation, don’t forget that Journeys & Jaunts provides car booking service! Our drivers are experienced, polite and helpful. So contact us by sending an e-mail to or adding WeChat account “wonderland6767” to book your private tours or car service!


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