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Skiing Around Shenyang – Where To Go

To me, skiing is an integral part of winter. If you feel the same, but are unsure of where in Shenyang you can go to slide down a mountain, this article is for you.

In total, there are 4 ski areas around Liaoning’s capital: one near Strange Slope (怪坡 in Mandarin, guài pō in pinyin), one at Qipanshan Scenic Area (棋盘山 in Chinese, qí pán shān in pinyin), one near Baiqing village (白清寨 in Mandarin, bái qīng zhài in pinyin) and at Dongbeiya Ski Resort (东北亚 in Chinese, dōng běi yà in pinyin). The one at Strange Slope is confirmed to open on November 17th, and the others should also start services around the middle of the month.

Information is difficult to come by, but I have put together for you what I could find.

Shenyang Strange Slope International Ski Field

First up, there is Shenyang Strange Slope Ski Resort. Located north and a bit east of Shenyang. Sort of at the tip of a equal-sided (Is that what they’re called? I always HATED math in school) triangle between Shenyang and Fushun.

Shenyang Magic Slope International Ski Field location map in China

I am not going to lie to you: it is by far easiest to get there by car. But if you are without your own transportation, you might consider taking bus 383 from Panjiangjie station (潘江街 in Chinese, pānjiāng jiē in pinyin) on metro line 1, all the way until Wanmi station (万米 in Chinese, wàn mǐ in pinyin). Translated to English, the station name is 10,000 meters – how apt!

From there, you still need to walk about 3,000 of those meters to get to the ski resort. I told you taking a car would be easier…

The good thing is, though, that you would at least not have to do this dragging skis and equipment with you. Since skiing is quite a novel pastime in China, very few people own their own equipment, and it is customary to rent skis, shoes, and all the rest on site. The rental fee is sometimes even factored into the day pass for the lifts, actually.

Speaking of prices, here is what I could find on opening hours and tickets for Shenyang Strange Slope International Ski Field.

The ski season there this year lasts from November 17th, 2018 until March 3rd, 2019. Depending on which ski pass you purchase, slopes are accessible at different times: from 9:00-16:30 for a daytime pass, 14:00-21:30 for an afternoon and evening pass, and 17:30-21:30 for an evening pass.

The soft opening of the resort is November 17th – December 18th, 2018. Then, a ski pass is 100RMB per day and person, all the way from 9:00-21:30.

Formally, the season lasts from December 19th, 2018, until February 24th, 2019. In this period, a weekday (Mon-Fri) day ticket costs 150 RMB per person, valid from 9:00-16:30. An afternoon/evening pass (14:00-21:30) is 120 RMB per person. And an evening pass (17:30-21:30) is 100 RMB per person. On weekends and public holidays during the official season, you pay 180 RMB per person.

February 25th until March 3rd, 2019 has a special discount again. Then, it costs 100 RMB per person, no matter whether it is a weekday, a day on the weekend, or a public holiday.

As for the kinds of slopes you will find, the ski area has a total of 7 different ones: 1 kiddie hill for absolute beginners, 2 slopes for beginners (should be the equivalent of a blue slope in the West), 1 terrain park for snowboarders, 1 terrain park for skiers, 1 intermediate slope for snowboarders (I assume that would be the equivalent of a red slope) and 1 high level slope (whether that is a red slope or really a black one I don’t know).

Qipanshan Scenic Area Ski Resort

The second place to ski around Shenyang is Qipanshan Scenic Area Ski Resort. It is located slightly closer to Shenyang city, at about 17 kilometers from the city center. Getting there is also a tad easier than getting to Strange Slope Ski Field.

Qipanshan ski resort location in Shenyang China

If you are dependent on public transport, take bus 观光一线 (guān guāng yí xiàn in pinyin, which translates to something like Sightseeing Line 1 in English) from metro station 青年大街 (qīngnián dàjiē in pinyin, Qingnian Avenue in English) on subway line 2. Then stay on that bus for 45 stops. I only said a tad easier and slightly closer, so it’s still quite the journey from the city center, sorry.

The Qipanshan Ski Resort covers an area of 500,000 m2, and has 5 different slopes. 3 for intermediate skiers (1 kilometer, 800 meters, and 600 meters long respectively), a 500 meter practice slope, and a 200 meter kiddie hill.

I was unable to find prices (or even an official opening time, for that matter) for Qipanshan. The only prices I could find were from 2 years ago, so there is no telling how much the ski passes will cost this year. But back in 2016, prices were as follows: 120 RMB per day, rent for equipment including clothes was 100 RMB per hour, and hiring an instructor ran to 100 RMB per hour as well.

Qipanshan Scenic Area is also the venue for Shenyang’s own Ice and Snow Festival. This is the ‘baby brother’ of the festival of the same name that Harbin is famous for. So, if you do not feel like going all the way to Harbin, see a small-scale version of the famous ice and snow sculpture event right next to Shenyang.

Baiqing Village Ski Resort

The third opportunity for getting on your skies and having some winter fun near Shenyang is to go to Baiqing Village Ski Resort (白清寨滑雪场 in Mandarin, báiqīng zhài huáxuě chǎng in pinyin). This small skiing spot is located in Baiqing Street of Sujiatun District, south of Shenyang. More than half-way to Benxi, to be exact. It is part of Shenyang’s Sports University.

Baiqing village ski resort location in Shenyang China

Getting there is – as you have possibly guessed already – not very easy via public transport. In this case, you have to take two different buses while setting out from 奥体中心 metro station (ào tǐ zhōngxīn in pinyin, Olympic Center in English) on line 2. First you get on bus number 155 for 12 stops, then you get off at 沈阳建筑大学 station (shěnyáng jiànzhù dàxué in pinyin, or Shenyang University of Architecture in English) to change into bus 387, which you ride for 22 stops, where you can finally get off at 白清寨 station (báiqīng zhài in pinyin, or Baiqing Village in English). From there, you walk another 4 kilometers, and you are there.

I warned you it would be messy getting there via public transport…

The total area of 55,000 m2 of Baiqing Village Ski Resort is divided into beginners’ (16,000 m2) intermediate (21,000 m2) and advanced (18,000m2) slopes, and also has some snow and ice game areas. It also contains international standard freestyle skiing aerials (6,000 m2) and half pipe (1,000 m2) terrain parks for skiers and snowboarders alike to enjoy.

The price structure is a bit complex, so I have put together an overview that hopefully explains it.

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day cost the same as a pass on a Saturday or Sunday. Chinese New Year prices are applicable from February 6th to February 10th. The resort is closed on February 4th and 5th.

There are also season passes available. The pass for 2000 RMB includes rental equipment, the one for 1500 RMB needs you to bring your own skis and other equipment. Then there’s one that is only valid from 15:00-21:00, which costs 1000 (and for which you also need to use your own skis). And a children’s season pass, which costs 680 RMB. That one includes rental equipment for the kid as well.

Instructors cost as follows:

Cards for 1-on-1 classes: 5 classes 1400 RMB, 10 classes 2600 RMB, 20 classes 5000 RMB; each class lasts 2 hours; ski pass not included.

For groups of more than 4 people, prices can be discussed individually.

Dongbeiya Ski Resort

The last ski resort near Shenyang I would like to introduce to you today is Dongbeiya Ski Resort (东北亚滑雪场 in Chinese, dōngběiyà huáxuěchǎng in pinyin). It is located in Shenyang National Forest Park (国家森林公园 in Chinese, guójiā sēnlín gōngyuán in pinyin).

Dongbeiya Ski Resort covers an area of 37,730 m2. Officially, there are 12 different slopes, but some of those are really, really short. Have a look at the map to see what I mean.

Dongbeiya slopes ski resort close to Shenyang China

I have read rumors (not terribly inspiring, I know, but it was really really difficult to find anything more substantiated than that) that there is a direct bus leading to Dongbeiya Ski Resort. It is supposed to leave from near metro station 青年大街 (qīngnián dàjiē in pinyin, Qingnian Avenue in English) on subway line 2. But where exactly nobody knows.

Or you could take metro line 2 to 金融中心 (jīnróng zhōngxīn in pinyin, Financial Center in English), get on bus 328 for 42 (!) stops, then get off at 新城子中心大市场 station (xīn chéngzi zhōngxīn dà shìchǎng in pinyin, something like New City Center Market in English). Then you get on bus K322 for another 6 stops, and you’re there. Or you simply find someone who can drive there. Because by the time you have completed this odyssey, you probably want to kill yourself, NOT enjoy a day of skiing…

Unfortunately, I have so far been unable to find prices for this venue. If anything comes up, though, I will let you know!

So, what do you think of the skiing opportunities Shenyang has to offer? Let me know in the comments.

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